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Rudy Mück Sale Card with

- Conditions of Guarantee
- Owner's Registration Blank
- Care of Your Instrument

Below are pages from an early Sale Card or Brochure  that came with Rudy Mück trumpet #1019.  We sincerely thank Brian Baldino for this great piece of literature.  If you have an idea of when it might have been used ( 30s, 40s or later ) please let us know.

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Front Cover

Front Cover of Sale Brochure

Back Cover

Sorkin Music Company is distributor - this is backside of p.11 - the Registration Card

Page 2

Denslow & Savonis Music Center in Hartford, Connecticut sold #1090 to Brian Baldino's grandfather - date unknown

Page 3

Care of Your Trumpet or Cornet

Pages 4

Breaking in your Valves

Page 5

Cleaning your Valves

Page 6

Operating your Valve Slide

Page 7

Freeing a Wedged Mouthpiece & Keeping your Instrument Clean

Page 8

Preserving Rudy Mück Lacquer

Page 9

Care of your Trombone

Page 10

Guarantee with Sale Information

Page 11

Owner's Registration Card with dealer information

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