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Players Who Played Rudy Mück Horns

Maynard Ferguson started out playing on a modified Rudy Mück mouthpiece?  Word has it  that he had the mouthpiece cut down some and used it for years in the early part of his playing career!

We got an email from Sherwood Finley who said,

"Hi, great site. I play the 17c trumpet piece. Maynard did use a Rudy Mück and i have a photo of him [ taken in 1948 ] which clearly shows that he's using Rudy's pieces on both trumpet and trombone. The configuration is the same as today’s "Second Generation". By the way, this photo was in the NYBC when the tribute to Maynard was done in NYC."

( click on picture to see larger )

If you happen to have a scan of this photo in high resolution, we'd sure like to get a copy.  Thank you!

Bobby Hackett

We were getting a few emails about famous players who played Rudy Mück instruments.  Nick DeCarlis, jazz cornetist  and famous for his websites on vintage cornets, pocket cornets and most recently his tribute to Bobby Hackett, sent us a link to his Bobby site showing Bobby playing a Rudy Mück cornet with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.  Click on the picture below to see larger:

Frankie Newton

Charmaine S. once mentioned that she had a Rudy Mück trumpet engraved with the name Frankie Newton on it.  Here's a little about Frankie at Final Chorus article found here --> Frankie

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