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Pictures of Rudy Mück Instruments

These are only a small handful of pictures we have to show but as time goes on we hope to have hundreds here.

(You can click on each to see a larger version)

Rudy Mück Citation
( Bach NY clone - serial # 1196 )

Rudy Mück Duo-Bore
( serial # 34xxx )

Rudy Mück Academy
( German-made or possibly Buescher clone?? - serial # 78xxxT - yes, a T on the end )

Rudy Mück Academy Cornet
( serial # 1xxx )

Rudy Mück 4M
(Balanced model clone possibly Buffet or Selmer - serial # unknown )

Rudy Mück 7M
(Balanced Model similar to Olds or Selmer or even Buffet-Crampton 30's horns - serial # unknown - courtesy of

Rudy Mück Trombone
(with interchangeable lead pipes - date unknown and serial unknown - courtesy of Robb Stewart)

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