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Rudy Mouthpiece Advert Sign !!

Here's a photo of a wooden ad sign we acquired recently which
holds mouthpieces in it's side as a display.

Pictures of Rudy Mück Mouthpieces

These are only a small handful of pictures we have to show.  It is but  a start.  You can click on each to see a larger version.

Also, we now have some specification and measurements from a brochure we just received as well as a 1950 ad giving some information on trumpet, cornet and trombone mouthpieces plus we've made an attempt to measure some of the Rudy Mück trumpet mouthpieces we have to get an idea of how they compare to each other and to Bach mouthpieces.  Check it out here --> Mouthpiece Info & Comparison  and let us know what you think.

Earliest Mouthpieces We've Ever Seen So Far

We received pictures of the earliest examples we've seen of Rudy mouthpieces to date.  These may be the first and second generation of what developed into what you see at right.

Early 17C Trumpet Mouthpiece

( click on picture to see larger version )

Early Cornet Mouthpiece

( click on each picture to see larger version )


Tuba 54C Mouthpiece!

click picture to see combo picture

Here is a tuba mouthpiece we received pictures from Tom McCaslin, Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at East Carolina University.  This is the first tuba mouthpiece we've gotten pictures of and speculate that these are rare indeed.  Click on the picture to see a combination picture of this mouthpiece compared to a Bach 18 tuba mouthpiece.  Thank you Tom!

13C Cornet Mouthpiece!

click picture to see more photos

Here is a cornet mouthpiece we received pictures from J. Mollenkamp.  Of note is the spelling of the name Miick, not Mück.  See discussion of spelling and pronunciation of the name.

Other Mouthpieces

Rudy Mück 17M Trumpet

Rudy Mück 17C Cornet

Rudy Mück 23 Trombone
( Ebay )

Rudy Mück 19C Trumpet
Made in England
( courtesy S. L. Wang )

Rudy Mück 17C Cornet

With Box
( Ebay )

Rudy Mück 17M Trumpet
( Wow!! )

Rudy Mück Generation II Mouthpieces

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