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Stephen Hepple Works at
Music Store in England in the 60s
selling Rudy Mück instruments

- taken from email dated 2-18-07 -

In the sixties I worked in a music store here in England,  We sold many Rudy Mück mouthpieces and some trumpets.  [The mouthpieces were] made in England presumably under license to John E. Dallas [JEDSON] the wholesale company.

[note: John E. Dallas & Sons made banjos and other string instruments in the first half of the 1900s.  After WWII they became associated with making JEDSON instruments (see more below)]

The trumpets were stencil horns from Eastern Europe and Italy.  The mouthpieces were popular for easy high notes [tiny cups and big wide rims] but not reckoned to have much depth of tone.

The  wholesale company who supplied the music stores was John E Dallas and Sons. JEDSON was one of their trade names used on several products.   Apart from Rudy Mück they also had Dearman, Grafton Saxes (the white plastic one) and were the importers for Buffet Paris saxes and woodwind.

[note: We've had accounts from Robb Stewart (Old Brass) in California and John Baber (B & B Music) in Louisiana, that some of the Rudy Mück instruments appear to be Buffet Crampton clones.  Herein may lie the connection?!?]

Also they manufactured Carlton Drums.  Later on they were bought out by Arbiter and became Dallas-Arbiter, main Importers of Fender, Ludwig and Bach.  Along the way they bought out Vox Amps.  They went the way of most English Music firms though Arbiter (junior) I think still has Turnkey, a high-tech music retailer.  Arbiter was import wholesaler for Leblanc/Holton etc but I guess that's changed now due to Bach/Conn/Selmer etc.

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