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Rudy Mück Company at
127 W. 48th St., NYC

We did a google map of the site of the Rudy Mück Company which in brochures was located at 127 W. 48th St. in Manhattan.  As well, Niles Eldredge recalled it was at that location when he bought his Citation.  Here's a map --

(click on map to see larger version)

It appears that the old site is now gone and a large building is in it's location.  Across the street and down a little would be Manny's Music and Sam Ash today.

Jean Huston remembers Rudy's brother Vic in NJ

We received an email from Jean Huston who recalls,

"I didn't know Rudy, but his brother Vic was a friend and mentor to many of us high school students in Plainfield, NJ.

Vic would let us spend time in his music repair shop, showing us how to repair and maintain our instruments. I think he probably also kept his eyes open for our general welfare, but, being teenagers, we didn't realize it - I do now.

Jean Houston"  Do more of you recall a New Jersey store?

Joe Cotignola remembers Rudy's Store in NJ

We received an email from Joe Cotignola who recalls,

"Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so. My father knew Rudy Mück who had a music store in Plainfield NJ and I took trumpet lessons from a place in Plainfield named Gregory's , This was in 1955. I took lesson then walked around the corner to wait for my dad to pick me up at Rudy Mück's store. My dad was a piano player and also showed me where Rudy Mück lived , next door to his brother, on Durham Road in South Plainfield, NJ. I wonder if my memory is just that bad...Do you have any information about this in your archives ?"

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